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why us

welcome to smile avenue the dental care people

The six ‘R’s that make smile avenue unique are:

We believe that you should keep your own healthy teeth for your entire lifetime. Prevention is always far less costly, and more comfortable than disease treatment, for everyone. We provide a bespoke program of preventive dental care unique for you with the goal of helping you obtain and maintain a healthy mouth as quickly as possible. If you do require treatment then we will use the most advanced and longest lasting dental materials handled by the experts in the field.

You can count on us to always listen to your concerns. We will devote time within your initial visit to learning about your needs and preferences. We realize that nobody likes to wait, and make every effort to see you on time. Our normal working hours are from 10.00am until 7.00pm Monday to Saturday. For your convenience we also provide online registration. We promise to see any registered patient with a dental emergency on any day.

Many people are anxious about dental appointments. Patient comfort being the prime priority, our clinic is equipped with all most modern techniques and facilities at par with international standards. We have trained staffs that provide a warm welcome and make you comfortable from the moment you step into our practice. We provide personal headphones and DVD players in each treatment room.

Adhering to international norms of sterilisation, both hot and cold sterilisation techniques are used for a complete aseptic environment and to ensure the safety of both patients and staffs. Eco-friendly disposables are used wherever possible. All team members are fully immunized vaccinated and attend regular courses on cross infection control. So don't hesitate to ask - we'll be glad to explain our detailed safety procedures prior to your visit.

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong; we offer a two-year guarantee on all our treatment procedures and 10 years guarantee on lab procedures as long as you attend to your prescribed hygiene and maintenance appointments. This excludes damage from dental disease or trauma.

We do not want the barrier to healthy teeth and gums to be financial. Once you have met our team and had an estimate and treatment plan, we can discuss various methods of payment to suit you. We provide treatment of international standards at less than 1/5 th of the expense charged in the US, UK or the Middle East.

We aim at appointments

1. Achieve a healthy, predictable, self-maintainable dental condition.
2. Develop happy, healthy, educated patients who will enthusiastically refer their friends and relatives to our Dental Practice.
3. Provide a smoothly run dental office environment with minimal stress for both staff and patients.